Where we can we will tell you our fees, some cases are not straight forward and we may not be able to tell you the cost to conclusion of your case, even then, we will tell you an estimate or state by stage fee at your consultation.
Below is our fee structure. This is our promise to you to know your legal fees for your case wherever possible. These are our legal fees, sometimes an application fee, court fee or disbursements are additionally payable and where this is the case, we will let you know at your consultation.

Home Office applications for Leave to Remain 

£ 1200 One Time Cost
  • Home Office applications for Leave to Remain 

Nationality and Citizenship 

£ 800 One Time Cost
  • Nationality and Citizenship

Entry Clearance 

£ 1500 One Time Cost
  • Entry Clearance 

Immigration Appeal 

£ 1500 Stage by stage payment
  • Asylum applications and asylum appeals will be charged on a stage by stage basis

Employment Tribunal Unfair and wrongful dismissal

£ 1250 One Time Cost
  • Employment Tribunal Unfair and wrongful dismissal

Debt Recovery

Our prices below relate to Small Claims actions where the value of the claim is less than £10,000. Where the matter is a Small Claim you will not recover your legal fees as part of the claim. If the matter is valued at more than £10,000 then the Court will allocate the claim to the Fast Track. In this situation if you win your case you will recover your legal costs.

         • Letter before action to collect simple invoice debts - £150
         • To issue County Court proceedings, including completion of the Summons and Particulars of             Claim - £300. There is also a Court fee to pay but this depends on the value of the claim.             The level of Court fee can be found by reviewing Form EX50 which is available on the              Ministry of Justice website.

To represent you to a Hearing, we charge the following at individual stages during the proceedings:

• Completion of Allocation Questionnaire £150
• Preparation of List of Documents for exchange £250     
• Preparation of witness evidence £250 per statement     
• Preparation for Trial including drafting Bundle and instructing Counsel £500

General Litigation

Simple small claims actions from £500

If you have any questions about our fees, please contact us by calling, email or chat option on our website, we will be happy to clarify things for you. 

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