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Business Immigration

We assist businesses to get sponsorship status to bring in foreign employees. We deal with work permit applicants, skilled migrant and dependent family members’ applications. We make representations on Home office applications, decisions, notices or refusals, prepare appeals, judicial review and represent you in court at all levels.

Student visas & Entry clearance

We will assist you to prepare and evidence your visa application successfully whether you are applying as a student, student’s dependant family member, prospective student, visitor, settlement visa for family member of UK residents or UK national, spouse visas, ancestry visas and advise represent and appeal against refusals.

Nationality, Immigration & Asylum

We expertise in applications for naturalization and registration for citizenship, applications for leave to remain in the UK, extension of leave, EEA applications and applications for indefinite leave or settlement. We represent asylum and refugee applicants and assist with family re union for refugees. We advise on refusal of leave and offer appeal representation.

Landlord & Tenant | Commercial Leasing

From nuisance, harassment to repair or disrepair, we assist landlord or tenants with tenancy issues and disputes and represent you from county courts to higher courts.
We will draft and or review your commercial lease. We will represent you as a tenant in acquiring a new or as a landlord granting a new lease. We will advise on notices and requirements of The Landlord & Tenants Act 1954 and all relevant legislation.


We assist advise applicants for council accommodation under Homelessness laws and allocation of housing. We advise and represent landlords and tenants in possession or eviction proceedings. We will advise in disrepair matters including getting compensation, bringing or defending disrepair proceedings.

Civil Litigation

Some of the types of litigation we can undertake for you
• Personal disputes and problem neighbours
• Injunctions or other personal relationship problems
• Collection of debt
• Late payment of invoices and other business issues
• Landlord and tenant disputes
• Planning issues.

Family matters and child care proceedings

We are highly experienced in advising and acting in all areas of family law including Divorce matters, childcare proceedings with a particular focus on resolving complex financial matters and protecting the welfare of children during a divorce or separation.                                    

Debt Advice

Wether you need help with a single invoice or an entire debt book, we will deal with your creditors on your behalf to recover what is owed to you.

Employment Law

We are experienced in advising employers and employees
We will assist you review your employment systems from drafting employment contracts, policies and handbooks to advice on disciplinary matters and representation in employment tribunals.


We will advise you on your rights under your employment contract and how the law protects your rights. We will advise you on disciplinary and dismissal matters and represent you against in tribunal proceedings.

Judicial Review

Government bodies such as Local authorities and The Home Office can make unreasonable decisions against which you have no right of appeal but can be challenged by Judicial review, we will advise and represent you to ensure your successful resolution of illegal and unlawful decisions of public bodies.

General Litigation

Legal proceedings can be daunting, if you are facing court action for whatever reason, do not suffer in silence or second guess the legal process, we are your first point of call, we will advise and assist you to achieve a successful outcome and where we may be unable to we will sign post you.


We have a dedicated team of experienced solicitors who can represent you anywhere in England and Wales. If you are accused of a crime and need a solicitor to represent you at a police station, DWP or at court please call us as soon as possible on +442084053231 anytime or contact us online and we will call you back.

Consultation Services

We will assist your Legal Practice to prepare for and successfully attain initial Lexcel Accreditation or re accreditation to meet The Lexcel Standard 6.1.
Whether sole Practice, small or Large Firm, our accredited Lexcel consultant will advise and hold your hand on the journey to achieving Lexcel accreditation by

  Providing training on the Lexcel standard For England and Wales 6.1 and International
  Providing guidance on the requirements to meet the Lexcel Standard 6.1
  Advising on Documents needed to meet the Lexcel Standard
  Advising on the process and what to expect from the assessor

Fees & Funding

We will give you an hour’s consultation at £100 plus VAT at which we will discuss the cost of your specific matter. In most cases we can offer an agreed fee to give you peace of mind and where we are unable to determine the cost of your entire case we can agree a fee for each stage of the case. We do offer one session of pro bono advise on every first Friday of the month as our way of giving back to the community. We will also advise and assist where your fees can be covered by insurance. Fees are always payable in advance of the work being undertaken. Fees are payable upon providing you with a quote, agreeing by signing a letter of engagement and authorisation. We accept payment via pay pal, bank transfer, online card payment or cash of no more than £1000 per case only paid at our office. All fees exclude VAT, Court fees, barristers’ and hearing fees.


To instruct us please visit our website and register your case, visit our offices or call us on 02084053231. You can also make an inquiry by using our chat option on the website, sending us an email, and on our Facebook or Instagram page

Please visit our website and use our chat option, email us, visit our offices ( address/map link)or call us on 02084053231. You can also contact us via our Facebook or Instagram page

Every case is different and some cases might not have a set completion timeline. We will give you the completion date where possible or an estimate of the time it will take where we cannot be certain. We will advise you about the time lines at your consultation and set it all out for you in our engagement letter from the start of your case. We will keep you updated of any progress and changes at every stage of the case.

Please see our fee structure (Click here); if you cannot find a fee that applies to your particular case, please contact us

Please see our areas of practice above, your particular issue may not be listed or may fall under one of the broad categories, please call or chat with us and we will be happy to let you know if we can assist you.


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